‘Why Hire More People? You Did It Yourself’

The New York Times reports on what could be the future of journalism: seven-day-a-week workweeks, unpaid freelancers, and other horrors.
Forget the future, actually; it’s already here.


Nina Lentini, 57, spent most of her career in journalism. Three years ago, she started a new job as editor of a daily online newsletter.

In 2008, her bosses asked her to take over the launch of a new weekly newsletter. “The ad guy said, ‘I can sell ads for this,'” Lentini told the New York Times.

Shortly after, she was asked to take over a second weekly newsletter. And a third. And a fourth.

Last month she added her ninth and tenth weekly newsletters. She’s still editing the daily newsletter, too, only now she’s working seven days a week.

“I understand everybody works like this now,” Ms. Lentini told the Times.. “I don’t feel I have mean bosses. I like my bosses — people care about each other at this company. This is just the new reality.

“We’re doing the best we can with the resources we have,” she added. “I wonder, when the economy improves and everyone has more money, do we go back to the way it was? Or are they going to say: ‘Why hire more people? You did it yourself.’ That’s what I’d say if I were the boss.”

Who’s scared, frustrated, or disappointed after reading this? Or some combination of the three?

Or is Lentini’s situation not as common as it may seem?