The Post’s Dan Eggen thinks the Post may have misstepped on a recent story:

    I hate to bring this up, because it was the only flaw in an otherwise lively and fun read in Metro on the Redskins “anti-fans.” But I think we clearly violated our own rules on granting anonymity. To wit:

      A case of Redskins rage has prompted the 30-year-old blogger who created the why.i.hate.dc Web site to offer pages full of text excoriating Snyder for everything from high ticket prices to cutting down trees on his Potomac estate. In an August posting, he included a photo of the owner followed by an equal sign and the word “EVIL.”

      “It’s the atmosphere at the games, it’s Snyder,” the blogger said by phone, speaking only on condition that he not be identified because he fears fan retribution. “It’s the attitude of, ‘I can do whatever I want.’ ”

    This is not exactly someone in fear of going to jail for disclosing classified material or discussing grand jury proceedings. [Bonus detail: This guy is currently crowing on his site about his plans to move to… Seattle! No wonder he’s fearing retribution…]

    Eggen, Dan
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