Why Does Journalism Matter?

The National Press Foundation is launching their “Why Journalism Matters” Twitter contest today. “Tell us why journalism matters – for democracy, for personal and social freedom, or for any other reason,” the website says.

You can tag tweets with the hashtag #journalismmatters to enter the contest. Winner gets an iPad. If you already have an iPad, feel free to send your #journalismmatters tweets to us so we can have an iPad, too. You know, spread the wealth around.

The tweets will also be streamed during the National Press Foundation’s Annual Awards Dinner next week at the Hilton, Washington.

The contest ends at midnight on March 1, and winners will be notified (via Twitter, of course) by March 11.

Some of the tweets so far:

  • FamousDC: What’s past is prologue #JournalismMatters
  • Kurt Achin, Voice of America News Bureau Chief: #journalismmatters to the extent it is a force multiplier of civic society… or, the crutch for a nonexistent or hobbled one.
  • Elliot Kort, aggregation editor at TBD: #JournalismMatters because people can’t be everywhere to learn everything they need.
  • and someone tweeting under the handle @mkayes: #journalismmatters Because without it we wouldn’t get to see topless photos of our favourite celebs trying to have a private holiday.