Whose Shoes: Revealed

The guesses that came in yesterday for our “Whose Shoes” feature included RCP‘s Erin McPike and freelancer Stephanie Green.

The right answer is videographer Elizabeth Glover, who freelances for outlets like TWT and Insight News and Feature and previously Wonkette. She also owns and runs Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill, which some Washington journos like Politico‘s Patrick Gavin have been known to frequent.

Glover purchased the shoes at Palace 5ive on 14th Street near U St. NW in DC. “It’s a super cool skate shop,” she explained. “They’re Nike skateboarding shoes. They were on the sale in the Spring, I think, and marked down from $150 or so to $60ish.   I don’t know why they have different colored shoelaces. They came that way – already laced.”

She also said wearing these shoes to upscale receptions isn’t her norm. “I don’t usually wear them to fancy media events but I was rushing from the studio and forgot to change out of them. My loafers were in the car. Whoops!”