Whose Shoes?

It’s here again – our weekly journo shoe contest.
We provide clues, you tell us the D.C. scribe who wore them.

If you know, or if you were there when I took the picture, please don’t spoil it for the rest. This means no writing the answer in the Comment Box. Write to me at fishbowldc@mediabistro.com or fishbowlbetsy@gmail.com.

We will reveal the answer at 2 p.m.
Look here for more clues and on Twitter: @fishbowlDC

Clue #1: The journalist wore these shoes to the recent BBC after party to the Radio & TV Correspondent’s Dinner.
Clue #2: Like White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, she likes to dance ballet.
Clue #3: For a short time she was a “news editor” at Working Woman magazine.
Clue #4: She detests Cirque du Soleil and thinks anyone who likes it has bad taste.