Who’s The Highest-Paid Blogger In The World?

That just may be Jen Chung, editor of Gothamist, says Felix Salmon.

Part of the terms of the sale of Gothamist to the Cablevision-owned Rainbow Media say that cofounders Jake Dobkin and Jen Chung have to stick around for another three years.

Nick Denton did the math: if the sale really did go for a reported $5 million, then after tax, split between the two co-founders and divided out over ten years (since the Dobkin and Chung have worked at the blog for seven years so far), their annual salaries are “only” $150,000 each.

Even if that were the case, argues Salmon (he thinks they’re getting much more than that), that would make Chung the highest-paid blogger on the payroll of any media company in the world.

Now granted there are bloggers out there who are probably making more than that, but according to Technorati’s 2009 State of the Blogosphere many of those bloggers are using their blog as a vehicle for something else: they’re paid to speak on topics they blog about, or they use the blog to sell books or whatever. This may indeed be the first example of a person getting paid 150 grand to blog.