Whoever Said That Karl Rove Hates Journalists?

From yesterday’s White House pool report:

    President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush left the White House at 6:20 p.m. and were driven to dinner at the home of Karl and Darby Rove in the upscale Palisades neighborhood of Washington. Your pooler sent Mr. Rove a playful e-mail asking if he would mind sending a doggy bag to the press vans waiting outside. Sure enough, a short while later, an emissary arrived bearing gifts – sausage and quail wings. These were eagerly accepted, despite the fact that by now the pool was already scarfing down pepperoni-and-mushroom pizza from Domino’s. No word on whether all this activity, including the presence of a massive motorcade on Mr. Rove’s tiny street, riled the neighbors, most of whom are Democrats.