Who Will Replace Spayd?

Lots of Posties are talking about who will replace Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor For National Liz Spayd when she leaves later this year for her new position as editor of Washingtonpost.com. A decision is expected to come down sometime between Election Day and Thanksgiving.

Here’s what we’re hearing…

The rumored leading candidates include Susan Glasser, who took over Outlook less than one year ago (said one Postie: “considered to be the newsroom establishment’s pick. Young and extremely talented, she has made a very positive impact on Outlook in her short tenure there.”). Glasser might also have the support of her former colleagues at the national security desk (Ricks, Priest, Pincus, Hull, etc…)

Then there’s White House reporter (and former Deputy National editor) Michael Abramowitz, who might have the support of the politics editors and reporters. (“A very popular editor and newsroom personality, a nod to him would assure the politics team of continuity,” a Postie said.)

Other contenders: Deputy Editor for Sports Matt Vita (a dark horse candidate?). Continuous Newsdesk Chief Rajiv Chandrasekaran (who may be itching to leave the Continuous News Desk). Foreign Desk Chief David Hoffman. And maybe even John Harris? Style deputy Steve Reiss could also make a run for the job (another longshot).

One scenario has Hoffman moving from foreign to national and Rajiv going to foreign to replace him.

All of this matters because many see Spayd’s position as a stepping stone to managing editor, but that may not be the case. Consider:

Phil Bennett got the job coming off of the foreign desk, beating out then-AME/Style Gene Robinson. Liz Spayd was not considered a favorite for the position, though she was a finalist. And Bennett’s predecesor, Steve Coll, was editor and publisher of the Sunday magazine immediately prior to being named ME.