Who Let The Dogs Out?

Karen Feld, that’s who (seen above with Campari and Campari’s vet, Dr. Lee Morgan.

The Washington Examiner’s gossip columnist held a birthday party (the Big Three) for Campari (yes, once you get a painting at the Palm, you’re officially a bold-faced name).

No, it is not to be confused with the Old Town Alexandria Holiday Inn’s Tuesday Doggie Happy Hour.

Roughly 75 guests showed up at the glass-enclosed patio at Finn & Porters to toss back some good sushi, drink a campari-tini and take home the party favor: mini multi-colored dog bone shaped people candy. But poor Campari: He received so many well-wishing kisses that his head was soon a shade of lipstick red.

Among the guests: Judith Terra, former Rep. Tom McMillen, Georgie Anne Geyer, Charlie Brotman, Sheila and Ed Weidenfeld, Eric Felten (from Mayor Williams’ office, Washington Flyer Publisher Kenny Day, Janet Cam, Muriel Nellis and WTOP’s Bob Madigan.