Who Does Your Walls? Abbott Miller? Me Too!


Here’s a cool little quickie. Seems Abbott Miller over at Pentagram is trying his hands at surface materials. Yep, you read that right. He’s been picked up by Knoll to create a series of wallpaper collections that are based in typography. Sounds cool and looks cool. Here’s the scoop:

KnollTextiles…has introduced the Grammar Collection, a series of three new wallcoverings by Abbott Miller, a partner in the design firm Pentagram. Filter, Switch and Merge reflect Miller’s expertise in typography. Each pattern is based on a series of letters, overlapping or intermingling, so that language acts as the visual backdrop for an interior. This is Miller’s first surface material for commercial application.

The collection, loosely named after a 19th century historical text on typography entitled The Grammar of Ornament, inverts this classic theme and instead demonstrates the decorative beauty of language, or the ornament of grammar.