Whiz Kidd: Chip Speaks Tonight at FIT

chip kidd one night only.jpg

When we hear of an event that includes both “running commentary” and “witty asides,” we don’t ask questions, we just hop on Bembo, the UnBeige passenger llama, and go. So imagine our pleasure when we learned that the comments and asides in question will spring from the enchanted brain of Chip Kidd, one of the few people who can describe himself as a graphic designer / novelist / editor / rocker / / D.J / collector of superhero-related memorabilia. Tonight at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, the Society of Publication Designers presents “The World According to Chip Kidd,” during which he will read from his new novel and show examples of his best work (that’s where the comments and asides come in). Doors open at 6:30pm for the 7pm lecture, but try telling that to the people with sleeping bags, stacks of Kidd-designed books, and distinctive eyeglasses who now line 27th Street.