White House Pooler is Blameless

The White House Press Office deserves a dunce cap for the most absurd notice we’ve seen in two years. On Saturday they sent a note to Poolers at 8:16:29 a.m. that read as follows: Updated pool call time 8:15 a.m. Considering that the email was sent a minute after the call time,  Financial Time‘s political correspondent Anna Fifield understandably missed the call time.

Here’s how Fifield handled it:

Pool Report #1: The president and first lady are at Sasha‘s basketball game at the Jackie Lawton community center in Bethesda. This information is kindly supplied by Bree Tracey of Fox News. Your pooler is not there — the call time was abruptly brought forward and I didn’t make it to the White House in time. Apologies.

Pool Report #2: Just a note in response to questions about my first pool report: I got an
email from the WH press office at 8:16, saying “Updated pool call time 815
am”. Jamie Smith explains: “The president decided to attend his daughter’s
basketball game. The pool was assembled as soon as possible to be there.”

Pool Report #3: Correction to first report: the place where Sasha played basketball was
the Jane Lawton, not Jackie Lawton, community center.