Which Tech Firm Spent the Most to Lobby Washington Last Year?

Google led the pack, but Microsoft is catching up

Google spent 14.7 percent less to lobby Washington last year, but the $14 million it spent was still more than any other tech firm, according to a Consumer Watchdog analysis of lobby records filed with the Clerk of the House on Monday.

Google topped a list of 10 tech firms that collectively spent more than $61 million to influence Washington on issues like the regulation of online advertising, privacy and data security, as well as government surveillance. That figure is an increase of nearly 16 percent since 2012, when the 10 tech firms spent $52.78 million.

Microsoft's lobby spending still trails Google's by nearly $3 million, but the company's $10.49 million lobby budget in 2013 is up nearly 30 percent from 2012. 

Often in the middle of privacy debates in Washington, Facebook has been steadily increasing its spending, up 61.2 percent in 2013 to $6.43 million.

Apple, which has reluctantly found itself the center of a lot of Washington attention, had the biggest increase in spending, up nearly 72 percent to $3.37 million.

Others big tech spenders were Amazon, up 38.3 percent to $3.46 million; Cisco, up 16.4 percent to $3.12 million; IBM, up 45.6 percent to $7.06 million; Intel, up 18.2 percent to $4.39 million; Oracle, up 4 percent to $5.99 million; and Yahoo, up 1 percent to $2.78 million.

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