Which News Organizations Have the Most Google+ Engagement?

Social media consultant Adam Sherk has ranked 45 news organizations by their Google+ engagement.

To develop the list, Sherk focused on the number of 1+’s, shares and comments on each page, based on per post averages. He writes, “The list of organizations is not meant to be comprehensive; I chose a cross-section of print, broadcast and Web-only outlets. Most are from the US but there are a handful of international sites too. I omitted location-focused outlets such as local TV stations.”

Surely not definitive or scientific, but still interesting.

Number 1? The New York Times.

Here are where some other outlets ranked on the list:
6. Time
9. The Wall Street Journal
15. The Huffington Post
19. Newsweek and The Daily Beast
21. Bloomberg News
41. Forbes
44. New York magazine

He also performed a comparison ranking based on the total +1, share and comment figures for each site. In this scenario, positions on the list changed.

Sherk is also vice president, SEO and Social Media for Define Media Group, which was formerly part of The New York Times Company.