Where’s the Juice on Woodward?

The Post’s Jacqueline Salmon raises an interesting point on the Washington Post’s internal critique board:

    I know I’m going to get dog-piled for this comment, but why were we treated to reams of titilating detail on the personal lives of two female celeb journalists–Judith Miller and Maureen Dowd–but nary a word about the private life of Bob Woodward? I know, I know…his presumably isn’t nearly as interesting as theirs. Nevertheless, it can leave the unintentional impression that female celeb journalists aren’t as, well, serious as male celeb journalists. And our readers might like to know who he’s married to, how many kids he has, what he does on weekends, etc. It would humanize him, much as we humanized Dowd and Miller.

So how about it Bob? Tell us your darkest, most intimate secrets…Bacon bits or croutons? Did you ever date Arthur Schlesinger? How about Michael Douglas?

Me thinks that, following on the heels of Dowd’s recent tome, Woodward may be working on his next book:

“Are Editors Necessary?”