Where To Go and What To Buy (If You Weren’t Blowing All Your Money On Pachinko)


Huh. While we’re not big readers of the magazine Travel + Leisure, largely because this writer rarely is involved in either, we’re surprised we missed this right out of the gate and didn’t see it elsewhere all over the web. It’s this year’s Travel+Leisure Design Awards, which we found by way of the fantastic bblinks. It’s got a great selection of categories, from the super cool Puerta America hotel in Madrid to the Tumi Adaptor, a device that adapt voltages to pretty much any place you go in the world. So if jetsetting is your game, or you’re just interested in seeing all the places and things you likely can’t afford, it’s a fun time browsing through. Oh, and if you’d like to sponsor us to help you pick nominees for next year’s awards (there’s a PDF on the site), we’d be very happy to accompany you on your trips. We pack light and are very clean (most of us anyway, ahem).