Where in the World is Tim Pawlenty?

Remember Tim Pawlenty? Yeah, neither do I. Apparently, he ran for President or something. Luckily, for all of us who forgot about him, Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins is here to bring us up to speed on the failed candidate. Coppins caught up with Pawlenty in Aspen for the “Aspen Ideas Festival” recently and reports that he looked  “tanned and prosperous.” Coincidentally, that may be the only time anyone has ever been described as looking “tanned and prosperous.”

There’s a lot to catch up on with T-Paw. He tells Coppins that he’s not running for President again. (Hey, I don’t blame him.) He doesn’t have to worry about looking like “the everyman” anymore. He can now sit as CEO of a a big trade association, probably watch over his hedge funds and build car elevators in his garage. (Hey, it could happen.)

In other words, Pawlenty can, as Lenny Bruce once said, “grow up and sell out.” 

In fact, Pawlenty really seems to enjoy talking about money these days. When T-Paw found out about Coppins’s recent book deal on the future of the GOP, he got hung up on how much money he was going to make on the deal. Coppins writes that Pawlenty asked about the advance he got for the book and whether or not it was any good. When he hesitated telling Pawlenty about it, he persisted. As Coppins tells it, “Finally, I offerred, “I’m sure it pales in comparison to any book advance you’ve ever gotten.” Sick burn, McKay. Although, considering the fall of Pawlenty and the rise of Buzzfeed, I’m not so sure that he’s right about that.

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