When Kelly Cutrone Met Philippe Starck

After all those “real housewives,” Bravo has found a more complex character in Kelly Cutrone, the black-clad PR honcho who stars in Kell on Earth. Cutrone, who episodes of the new series have already captured unwittingly feeding Vanity Fair‘s George Wayne a Swarovski crystal and chancing upon a dog she once owned on the streets of SoHo, has worked with a long list of designers and brands. Is there anyone she couldn’t work with? “Philippe Starck,” she told Page Six magazine recently. “I love his designs, but I just found him to be ridiculous.” Starck!? Ridiculous!? Whatever could she mean? “We went into a meeting, and he started rattling on about how there should be a parade with a hundred people wearing masks of his face, and how the public needed to know him because he could make a toothbrush chic,” said Cutrone. “I actually got up in the middle of the meeting and was like, ‘This is not for us. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him. I’m out.'”

Those who want more from this People’s Revolutionary are advised to pick up her new book, written with Meredith Bryan. A self-help/memoir hybrid studded with Cutronian koans (“Detachment doesn’t mean I’m trying less hard”), If You Have to Cry Go Outside (HarperOne) also teems with helpful career advice. “Do not use rhyming words in your resumé, as in ‘My passion is for fashion,'” Cutrone advises those in want of an internship at her firm. “This works only if you’re applying to work for the estate of Dr. Suess, Nickolodeon, or the Scholastic Company.”

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