When Journalists Attack (And Commit “Lewd Acts”)

1130long.jpgTucson, AZ journalist accused of break-in, “committing lewd act”

Every once in a while, you need a good WTF story to break the monotony.

This is one of these.

Levi J. Long, a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star was arrested after breaking in to a Tucson man’s bedroom at 3 in the morning. The unidentified man claims Long punched him before he was able to force him out of his bedroom… He then locked Long in his bedroom and called police.

According to the police, Long is “suspected of committing a lewd act inside the bedroom.” He also refused to leave the house and was bitten by a police dog in the process of being arrested.

According to Long,

“I’m sorry about the situation, and for disappointing the people whom I care about… It’s a mistake that I’m learning from.”

Indeed. No word on Long’s current employment status at the Star &#151 in the meantime, he’s been charged with misdemeanor trespassing and having a truly awkward story to tell future employers.

(Image via Chips Quinn Scholars)