When In Kinda-Near-Rome


The terrific site Reluct has an outstanding collection of finds at this years big, flashy Milan Furniture Fair. It’s the kind of stuff we love looking at, but, at least in this writer’s case, none of this stuff would probably look very good in his dinky, completely un-modern Chicago home, nor, on the fashion side, would look very good on his dinky, completely un-modern body. But that’s neither here nor there (it’s in Milan), because it’s the stuff that keeps you going, all those pretty things, clever designs, and quirky concepts, like Sepulcrum’s made-to-order grave stones, or Joe Colombo’s amazing Mini-Kitchen that’s now back in production (this writer concedes that this might actually look okay in his home, just because it’s so cool it would take away from the rest of the junk in the kitchen). Go forth, and browse!