When Good Twitters Go Bad

painkillers.jpgThe media loves Twitter (including FishbowlNY). We’re becoming okay with this. Slowly.

Twitter has many uses but what’s always bothered us is the potential for inane overuse. We’re fine with oversharing as long as it’s interesting. We don’t need to see a link to every article someone posts. We stopped following Huff Po’s feed for just this reason.

For another example of Tweeting gone horribly wrong, we turn to a story about a Minnesota man trying to Twitter while under “conscious sedation” at the dentist’s office. While the beginning is funny, we quickly begin to feel bad for his followers. A brief selection of his Tweets:

Three pilso
Thtre pilldlsbv and I csvzzzz
Meati tobbtsirv I mr-tobsatmn iysbnivrbnjnlvbbnb. Okay A moo

If we were this man’s friends, we’d be a) worried he was kidnapped or b) wonder where he got his drugs. Either way, when the Vicodin comes out, let’s agree to just put the iPhones away.