When Entertainment Journalism Was A Respectable Profession…

Long time Hollywood columnist Armand “Army” Archerd died yesterday at the age of 87. Archer wrote for Daily Variety for over half a century, and in a story posted last night, the trade publication gives a glimpse into what media reporting used to be like:

Archerd was the last in the generation of three-dot columnists who delivered a staccato-like mix of news and personalities, as if you were right there at the party, premiere or interview with him. He got his start in the days when the news was generated at nightspots, the golden and glamorous age of nightclubs like Chasen’s and Ciro’s. He hung out with stars — the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck and Humphrey Bogart — before the onslaught of celebrity journalism created a wall between scribe and subject.


Archerd at what must have been a high point of his career, if not his life. Yes, that’s Marilyn Monroe draped on his shoulder. More photos of Archerd at Variety.com