When and Where to Use Ware?


From bblinks, we were pointed in the direction of one of New York magazine’s blogs, Vulture, which has the complete rundown, with lots of links, surrounding the design of the movie poster for The Savages, created by Chris Ware. While the reaction to the illustrated, very Ware-esque poster has been largely positive, there’s also arisen a camp that disagrees. We sorta on the fence with this one, resting somewhere in the middle, from really liking the look of the poster but also wondering what Ware has to do with any of this in the first place. By hiring someone whose work is so instantly recognizable, it creates that strange position of questioning if the film is the focus or the poster (like hiring Jackson Pollock for your Gone with the Wind promo material). Here’s the verdict on Vulture:

The commenters at Awards Daily all seem to think that a comics-style poster somehow trivializes the movie, with one even going so far as to claim that Laura Linney’s awards chances are dead for this year as a result of this image. We disagree. It’s an inventive poster that should get more attention for the film, and Ware’s style by now is such a useful shorthand for Quality among the art-house audience this movie surely is directed toward that it can only help.