Where Does Conan O’Brien Stack Up?

It’s been a little more than week since the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. But before we start dreading anticipating next year’s festivities, where does Conan O’Brien stack up among C-SPAN YouTube views of comedians performing at the WHCD or the less obnoxious version of Washington’s Oscars, the Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner?

So far Conan appears to be smack in the middle. Not too good. But not the worst. He’s no Wayne Brady (the lowest) but he’s certainly no SNL newsman Seth Meyers (the highest) either.

Seth Meyers, 2011 WHCA dinner 2,908,365 views. Watch here.

Joe Wong, 2010 RTV Dinner 854,321 views. Watch here.

Jimmy Kimmel, 2012 WHCA dinner, 775,717 views. Watch here.

Wanda Sykes, 2009 WHCA dinner, 741,113 views. Watch here.

John Hodgman, 2009 RTV Dinner, 585,839 views. Watch here.

Conan O’Brien, 2012 WHCA dinner, 472,334 views. Watch here.

Craig Ferguson, 2008 WHCA dinner, 327,435 views. Watch here.

Rich Little, 2007 WHCA dinner 161,832 views. Watch here.

Jay Leno, 2010 WHCA dinner 149,995 views. Watch here.

Larry Wilmore, 2011 RTV dinner 13,370 views. Watch here.

Wayne Brady, 2012 RTV Dinner, 2,843 views. Watch here.