What’s Right and Wrong Within the Business of News

Following up on yesterday’s post linking up Bob Garfield‘s essay at Ad Age, here’s a really interesting one by way of Andy Rutledge, “10 Newspaper Myths Deconstructed,” which hopes to answer the question if newspapers have a future and if they do, what they’re currently doing wrong in jumping on board the new media express. Some of it is very biased pro-blogging rhetoric, but for the most part, it’s an interesting read. Here’s one:

Myth 5: Newspapers pages need to burst with stuff

Fact 5: Readers want nicely presented information

Print and online are somewhat different in terms of what can and should be done, but for serious companies the quality standards should be the same. Newspapers allow the biggest information design horrors online, stuff they’d never allow in a printed edition. Treat your online design as you treat your printed edition, in terms of branding, information design and advertisement.

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