What’s on Peggy Noonan’s Mind?

WSJ announced today the launch of a new blog from columnist Peggy Noonan. Noonan will be the only writer for the blog and she’ll write daily on “a variety of political, cultural and personal subjects.” Her blog will appear on WSJ.com in addition to her weekly column, “Declarations,” which appears online and in WSJ Weekend, the Journal’s weekend edition.

She officially began two days ago. Let’s take a look at what she’s churning out so far.

Just out of the gate she writes, “Seven years ago I wrote a column on blogs. At the time they were new, and mainstream journalists were deriding bloggers.  I defended them.  I said everyone should have a blog.  I now take my own advice.” Next up: Dancing logos. Peggy has no tolerance for such immature, unsophisticated, ADD-addled drivel. “The Republicans better not be too clever. America doesn’t need clever,” she writes. On that mature note, once on the convention floor in Tampa, she suggests that delegates who want to be interviewed by reporters should skip the conservative khaki slacks and blue blazers and wear a funny hat. It’s true. Reporters adore crazy, goofy-looking freaks.

This could be a hit. The great thing about Noonan is she writes vividly and exactly how she speaks.

She has special contempt for professionals who advise convention speakers. She writes, “All the people who say these things, they are stupid and know nothing. They are mouthing the garbage-speak of received wisdom. People are people, at bottom they have souls, they have a brain, they can hear the sound of something honest, they hate artifice, they can smell it.”

Opening graph of a review of last night: “They lit the candle. They got past the ill luck of the storm and declared there’s a convention going on.”

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