What’s More Fun Than Writing About the Campaign? Writing About Those Writing About the Campaign.

1st_chart_6090308.jpgCampaign coverage filled 69 percent of the newshole (well, that’s more graphic than intended) for the week of August 25-31, according to a survey by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. (Our stellar coverage for sure increased that number.)

Not surprisingly, the Democratic National Convention was the most written about story, while Hill and Bill’s roles at the DNC took second billing. Journos spilled the third-most ink on Sarah Palin’s surprise nomination. Had it not been for that whole disaster of a vetting process, this would have been an impressive coup for a Republican party that was trying to steal away momentum from the Dems’ convention.

Barack Obama’s convention speech and his historic nomination filled out the top five most popular stories. If guessing this list were a category on Family Feud, we’d like our chances.

A bigger, actually readable version of PEJ’s pretty chart after the jump.