What’s Going On With UPI?

Here’s what we’re hearing…

…that UPI White House Correspondent Rick Tomkins, along with laid off U.N. Correspondent Bill Reilly, finished their last day on the job July 31 without an agreed-upon severance package.

…that UPI management, despite a verbal agreement with the union representing Tomkins, Reilly and four of the other 11 people let go in a reorganization, has become unavailable for negotiations with the union rep on a severance package.

…that UPI management did so after two of the six union covered employees (neither Tomkins or Reilly) had the union file a grievance over their dismissal.

Stay tuned…

Also, some of the other folks who recently parted ways with UPI, along with Tomkins and Reilly:

Dan Olmsted (chief of the central desk editing unit)
Laura Gilcrest (head of the health/medical pod)
Shihoko Goto (business reporter)
Claude Salhani (head of Security and Intelligence pod)
Kristen Echohard (reporter)