What’s doing at mediabistro.com

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a deranged loner who writes a blog to substitute for genuine human contact. I’m a deranged loner contracted by mediabistro.com, a media services and education company, to write a blog which happens to substitute for genuine human contact. So let’s see what else is going on in the mediabistro.com universe!

– My east coast sister goes to a party! (By the way, we aren’t Canadian at all. I don’t know why she keeps pretending. We’re from New Rochelle.)

Everyone’s talking about John Hodgman, whom I did in fact meet once in some bar when I lived in New York. But this isn’t a personal blog, so the anecdote stops there. (Plus I don’t really remember the circumstances.)

– Upcoming mediabistro.com classes in Los Angeles include ‘Master the Celebrity Profile‘ and ‘Write that Young Adult Novel.’ Take both and write a fictionalized celebrity profile aimed at the Young Adult market!