What’s Dana Tweeting?

When we last checked in on Dana Perino from Fox News, she was grieving over the loss of her dog. Have no fear! She has rebounded with a new dog! Meet Jasper! Dana tweeted out this pic of Jasper, um,  Letting it all hang out. We’ve never been so ill at ease having someone show us pics of their hound. Is he wearing a dog diaper?! A puppy pooper?! Where exactly is his penis?

Clearly, Dana heard complaints from fans about Jasper’s full-frontal nudity, because later, she tweeted out another shot that was free of dog dong that said, “You can show the wife & kids this one – it’s not obscene!”

This begins an uncomfortable pattern of Dana tweeting out pictures of her dog in her workplace, as she indicates when she shows a pic of him at the security desk and says, “Jasper gave his paw print of approval at the office in our building today.” Dana, if you’re reading this, NO ONE likes the co-workers that brings their pets into work. Pets are loud and smelly. They bark and fart and shit all over the place because they are animals. Then again, she works with Bob Beckel, so it can’t be THAT much of an adjustment.