What’s Adman Turned Filmmaker Erik Proulx Up To?

After making Lemonade, the acclaimed documentary about 16 advertising professionals who reinvented their lives, Erik Proulx set out to make a movie about an entire city reinventing itself.

Lemonade: Detroit will “sensationalize hope” through the stories of Detroit residents who realize their city “can no longer rely on a single industry for its livelihood” and are changing the city for the better.

But Proulx needs some funding. The short is done, but the full movie is still TBA. To get the movie done, Proulx is inviting people to “buy a frame“–literally. For a dollar, you will be credited on IMDB as a producer and you will have helped one frame get made. Want a full second of the film? Pony up $24.

Proulx has raised over $50,000 so far, which is pretty awesome. He says he’s contacted Guinness about a possible world record for the most number of producers (nearly 2,000 already).

We dig this innovative funding method and wish him the best of luck.

Below, watch a video of Proulx explaining his concept as well as see a short trailer.

PSFK Conference NYC 2011: Eric Proulx from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.