What Will Journos Miss Most About Huntsman?

Other than Tim Pawlenty, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was the only one who never got the fleeting surge in poll numbers all of the other contenders received. He wasn’t a particularly exciting candidate even though he did some exciting things. He was a Motocross rider. He liked to play rock music. And he was the other Mormon in the race, which was kind of cool. And then, of course, there were those press darling daughters.

Huntsman suspended his campaign on Monday and immediately endorsed Mitt Romney for the nomination. Though he’s out of the race, his campaign left a (mostly) lasting impression among the Washington press corps. Some opened up to FBDC and shared their favorite memories of his failed candidacy.

Reuters‘ Sam Youngman– “The way he smelled like teen spirit.”

The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor– “The easy answer is ‘his daughters.’  But I think I’m going to miss waking up to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski every morning telling their viewers how wonderful he is and how dumb Republican voters are for not embracing him.”

Guns & Patriots‘ Neil McCabe– “Making snarky replies to his daughters’ insipid Tweets.” McCabe is referring, of course, to Huntsman’s daughters’ joint Twitter account from which they made a sport out of tweeting about the campaign.

Host of SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S Julie Mason– “Jon Huntsman was campaigning? Totally missed it”

‘s Patrick Gavin– “The opportunity to have the first Eagle Scout in the Oval Office since Gerald Ford. Policymakers should also have to earn merit badges.”

WaPo‘s Aaron Blake– “He taught me so much about [the late musician] Captain Beefheart and riding motorcycles through the desert. I can never truly repay him.” (Beefheart pictured at right.)

Human Events‘ Tony Lee– “What I will miss: His decency and authenticity. What I won’t miss: His attempts to be hip and snarky. And H-Jams.” For anyone who doesn’t know “H-Jams” were daily songs Huntsman’s press secretary would send out to reporters in email briefings.

RIP Huntsman campaign. I’d say we barely knew you but I think we did.