What Were ‘Kike’s’ Parents Thinking?

Photograph taken by Kike Arnal

For the love of God. Riddle me truly perplexed.
There are troubling names (Dick Swett, etc..) and then there are TROUBLING names.

C-SPAN’s “Q & A” Sunday at 8:00 / 11:00 PM
This week’s “Q&A” male guest is Venezuelan-born Kike Arnal, photographer and author of “In the Shadow of Power”.

The intro for Arnal’s book (thank heavens we can use his surname here) was written by Ralph Nader. The book is a visual expose of the “harsh social and economic realities” of Washington D.C.

But seriously. What about the harshness of his name? It’s difficult to imagine a reporter having even a basic conversation with him. It could go something like this:

Reporter: Hello, Kike, nice to meet you. I’ve got a couple of questions.
Kike: Sure, my pleasure.
Reporter (at the close of the interview): See ya later Kike, thanks for your time. Good luck with your photographs.

Read more about his book here.

More than enough said.