What to Wear? What to Wear?


Crit’s got a nice little piece up right now by designer Clement Wu about making that transition from normal, happy designer, to being someone who has clothing to reflect that (or your undying appreciation of the trade). It’s a great rundown of that surge of shirts we’ve seen over the past couple of years, like Veer’s “Kern” sweatshirt, or the one with the Pantone swatches. Though more interesting, perhaps, is the discussion that gets going in the comments section. Some bits about meeting famous designers and/or wearing designer stuff. Here’s one:

I was just having this same conversation with a designer the other day concerning the House Industries shoes now produced by Method. I like these shoes, I really do, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. There’s something grossly insular about wearing graphic designer apparel.

I don’t intend to draw lines, but I think there is a fan threshold: a point at which designers cease to be fans of design and rather exist as designers in the world of all things and ideas where design is a reference point but not a muse.