What The Heck Is Up At InDenverTimes?

After we heard that the investors had pulled out of InDenverTimes we figured that would be the end of that particular site. But the site is inexplicably alive and well: new stories are being posted all the time, albeit with content lifted (er, aggregated) from other sources. The front-page story yesterday about the White House Correspondent’s Dinner came, inexplicably, from the New York Daily News.

We wrote to IDT to ask what the deal was and we heard back from someone who just signed his/her name “InDenverTimes”:

The Founders are moving forward. Several of the Rocky journalists have decided to look for a different alternative, in the meantime we are continuing forward with a smaller staff.

In the next few weeks, you will see several new changes related to content and contributors, so stay tuned and thank you for your interest and support.

All we can make of this is that the investors liked the domain name they bought so they’re trying to make it work without any Rocky staffers. Our guess? “New changes related to content and contributors” means unpaid bloggers and other “citizen journalists.” Though if you know otherwise, send us some dirt at mediajobsdaily at mediabistro.com.