What Stock Photos Learn To Do At Art School

This was something this writer completely missed but was really happy to find. It’s Getty Images’ new “artsy” project called 10 Ways. Of course, like the popular Big Idea film project they’ve had success with, the thing uses their photos and, thus, sells you on their stock, but like most of the larger creative-for-sale destinations, they do a dang good job of it. With 10 Ways, they’re using “interaction designers” which is a fancy way of saying “really clever web folk.” Before you go start playing around, here’s the scoop from 30gms:

10 ways is a Getty Images collaboration project with five leading interaction designers, among them Tomato and Less Rain. Each of the ten interactive visual explorations are noteworthy work but it’s South African, Andries Odendall of Sumona who, for me, stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries. His piece called Information is a compelling, infinite journey into the digital image. The idea of composing one image from a mosaic of other images is nothing new but rarely so well executed.