What Glassdoor Got Wrong In Their Latest Press Release

Valet Parking, Las Vegas, NV

Glassdoor is a pretty neat site, honestly, even if the reviews almost certainly skew toward the extremes. And we usually don’t mind when companies send us ridiculous “top 10” lists, especially when it’s a slow news week.

But their latest top 10 list, “Top 10 Jobs That Burn Calories,” which is arguably one of the most ridiculous lists we’ve been emailed*, they got something seriously wrong. Okay, two things—first they ranked “firefighter” lower than “valet”—you guys are joking, right, Glassdoor?

But more relevant to this blog’s audience was #4 on this list: news photographer. Yeah, it’s a gym workout and a job all at once, though as prosumer cameras get more and more capable, there’s a lot less gear-lugging than before. But here’s what Glassdoor said:

“Breaking News! Who responds? News Photographers, that’s who. With fewer newsrooms these days and a 24/7 news cycle, news photographers are on the move at all times to capture life’s moments unfolding before it’s too late. They’re constantly moving, running, rushing and lifting heavy equipment to make daily deadlines. You’ll burn some bulge with an 8-hour cardio workout (aka: your normal shift).”

Yep, they said an 8-hour shift is “normal.” Ha ha.

In case you were wondering, the other calorie burning jobs (in rough reverse order) were: personal trainer, landscaper, retail sales, firefighter, nanny, tour guide, roofer, furniture delivery, and the aforementioned valet.

*Who’s seriously going to change their cushy desk job for one where you move furniture around all day? There are easier ways to trim your waistline than making a career change.