What Editors Want In 2012….Mostly The Same That They Wanted In 2011

Two passions, one picture!

UK-based Andrew Lownie Literary Agency asked 20 editors on both sides of the pond what they’d be seeking in 2012.

The answers should be illuminating to authors….

A commissioning editor at UK publisher Summersdale is seeking true crime, travel, gardening and pets books, especially from “extremely talented and committed non-fiction authors who already have a following for their work and know how to promote themselves without having unrealistic expectations.” Oh, hey, that’s easy.

More helpful is the editor at Penguin Press who says she’s “looking for authors who want to write about their passion – however unconventional – whether it’s for weathervanes, bridge or graffitti.” And if you’re obsessed with trains and can write well, you’ve got an insta-sale. No, really.

And in possibly the least helpful comment from an editor, ever, one says she is looking for “ideas or stories with a strong, interesting narrative structure.”

So, the same as in 2011, then. Or 2010.

But we’re fairly sure nobody has asked for a book from a railfan until this year.