What blogs are you reading?

Just like the old school eclectic journalist who reads a variety of newspapers and magazines, every journalist, regardless of media, should be reading a variety of blogs — and not just mining them for story ideas, but to get a fresh perspective on the news we cover.

As an entertainment journalist living in Los Angeles, I have a wide number of blogs to choose from that keep me updated on what’s happening around me. The L.A.-focused blogs I subscribe to include The Los Angeles Eastside Scene, Franklin Avenue, elevatedla.com, Caroline on Crack and LAist. There are a number of cities in the “-ist” series, including Toronto, Shanghai and Philadelphia — perhaps also covering a city near you?

The L.A. blog that started it all for me was Metroblogging Los Angeles, which covers almost everything about the City of Angels, including crime, food, politics, the arts and more, and is admirably interactive with its readers. The best part is the blog is also part of a multi-city series. Metroblogging covers more than 50 cities, from Atlanta and Auckland to Vancouver and Vienna.

Together, the Los Angeles blogs help me stay connected to the city I live in and more or less cover. More often than not the L.A. blogs overlap with my beat — entertainment journalism. But for entertainment-focused news coverage I stay tuned to BuzzSugar, Best Week Ever, TiFaux, the previously mentioned ShowHype, the.LIFE Files, and my personal favorite fourfour.

Most blogs that I add to my long reading list I discover through either Google Reader‘s discover function (which is all the more reason to read blogs through RSS) or through StumbleUpon.

What blogs do you read to stay in touch with what’s happening in your beat? How did you find out about them? Share your recommendations in the comments!