What a Difference a Year Makes? Not a Whole Lot According to Gridskipper

gridskipper.pngA tipster has alerted us to an interesting phenomenon. It seems that Gridskipper has been repackaging old posts and presenting them as new by merely changing the date. Behold Monday’s posting on ping pong in Berlin.

When did tischtennis (ping pong) grow cool? Its roots in Berlin go back to 1899, when the first ping pong verein (club) was established. Members were of the “upper crust” and may have been cool. But the current ping-pong furor seems to be riding on the coattails (or legwarmers) of the 1980s fashion craze (or the upcoming Balls of Fury).
Hmm, upcoming “Balls of Fury?” So we did a little googling and lo and behold, we found the exact same entry from August 2007, you know back before “Balls of Fury” was released. Way to be sneaky! However, seems like some of the commenters are getting a little irritated at this “regurgitating” trend. On a July 9 post about Washington’s El Salvador cuisine the post referred to Park Rd as the most “skid-row street in DC.” Huh? said the commenters: “the houses on the 1400 block of park road — “the most skid-row street in dc” — probably go for around $800,000.” Said another: “I’ll chime in on the “most skid row street” remark, too: seriously? this from a site purporting to bring some kind of “inside scoop”?”

We’re not experts on the urban economics of D.C. but maybe things were worse on Park Rd back in November when this post originally ran. Maybe we’ll give this oh-so-subtle time saving trick a whirl, think anyone would notice if we did a post about the press considers Hillary a shoo-in for President?