People Magazine Vet Migrates to Kardashian ‘Media Hubs’

Jen Garcia, the publication's deputy news editor in L.A., joins Lloyd Braun's Whalerock Industries.

When Brooks Barnes wrote at the beginning of the year about Whalerock Industries’ plans to create interactive “media hubs” for a number of celebrities, he got quotes from two of the A-listers involved:

“I see what we do on social media as the appetizer,” said Khloe Kardashian. “This is the whole dinner. Not everything we do can be captured in an Instagram shot.” Added Kim Kardashian West: “This isn’t about doing another website. It’s about creating a digital destination.”

Today, we have another quote from Kardashian West, welcoming Jen Garcia to the media-hub enterprise. The longtime deputy news editor at People magazine’s L.A. bureau started today at Whalerock as executive editor. She will oversee the content for all three Kardashian hubs as well as ones for Kendall and Kylie Jenner:

“I am thrilled to have Jen collaborate with me in launching this exciting new way to connect directly with my community,” said Kardashian West. “She has been there for many of my family’s important milestones over the past 10 years and I truly value her editorial perspective on lifestyle, fashion and beauty.”

The Kardashian hubs are scheduled to launch by the end of summer. Whalerock is essentially the 2.0 version of BermaunBraun, a company created in 2007. Last year, Lloyd Braun, a veteran of ABC and Yahoo, bought out partner Gail Berman and now runs it solo, with some financing support provided by New York equity group GF Capital.