WH Reporter ISO A Lover

Someone in the White House Press Corps is a bit lonely today, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Mike Allen, is that you? Jim Vandehei? Nedra Pickler? Come on, somebody ‘fess up. We’ll even send you a Valentine’s Day card.

    I Wanna Hold Your Hand: I won’t tell you who I am, only that i’m in the WH Press. I must be insecure because I’m asking you this: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, which WH reporter would you must want to sweep you off your feet? (Please, pick me, pretty paleez…)

    Roxanne Roberts: Hard to choose among the many, many hotties steaming things up over there. I’ll pick you, whoever you are, just to make your day. And I gotta say that David Gregory—who I’ve never met and yes, I know, he’s married—has a wickedly fun sense of humor, which I always think is a plus on a date.

    Amy Argetsinger: Dana Milbank, is that you? Oh wait — you’re off the WH beat now.