Weymouth Chats With The Observer

From here:

After 11 years with the Post’s advertising and legal departments, she has spent the past six months in meetings with reporters and editors in the newsroom.

“I have not worked in the newsroom,” she said as she settled herself in with her iced coffee. “That’s what I wanted to focus on. I wanted to get an idea of the issues that they’re focused on.”

And so she made the controversial decision to move her offices to the fifth floor, where the newsroom is.

“The message I got loudest and clearest was that people fully understand the challenges facing our industry,” she said. “But they’re hungry for a sense of, what are we doing about it? Are we just sitting here and praying it’s just going away or are we actually going to take steps to do something about it?”

Well, are we?

“I wish I could say, ‘Here’s the magic bullet! I’ve solved it all! That’s why I took this job, and we’re done, let’s go home,'” she continued. “But that’s not the case.”