We’re Trying to Sleep. Could Someone Please Turn Down the Design?

Even just looking at the work people do in Brazil makes us tired. Really, this writer has about 2% the color palette of even your most amateurish Brazilian artist or designer. Probably less than that when compared to Adhemas Batista, who is this month’s interview subject at Lounge72. It’s a terrific interview about general design and about Brazil specifically. And it’s yet another in this series of making us feel very old and used up, even though Adhemas is about the same age.

Despite my age, I had my first agency with my Brother when I was 19 years old, and the company had 20 people on the staff in 2002 when the boom broke the agency. But I learned a lot and I found another chance to work as art director in other agencies like AgenciaClick were I won the Brazilian Cannes Young Creative 2003. After that, AlmapBBDO invited me and I had chance to work with big clients like VolksWagen, Pepsi, Effen, Whiskas and Havaianas.

When this writer was 19, he bought tickets to go see Bea Arthur in concert with his friend. They thought it was really weird and funny and ironic to go. That was about the highlight of his 19th year. Yep.