A Shocking New Theory About the Death of TV Producer Jill Blackstone’s Sister

Neighborhood chatter suggests the weekend tragedy connects to a double suicide pact.

In the wake of the March 14 suspected death-by-carbon-monoxide-poisoning of deaf and partially blind 49-year-old Los Angeles resident Wendy Blackstone, her older sister Jill, 52, a talk show and court TV series producer, was hospitalized for two days, interrogated by police for another two, and released.

Following that sensational sequence, some even more sensational details were put forth last night by the Daily Mail tandem of Joel Christie in New York and Andy Tillet in Los Angeles:

Neighbors exclusively told Daily Mail Online they heard through the police that Wendy had died by asphyxiation and were led to believe the incident had been an attempted double suicide, possibly by trying to poison themselves with fumes from their car.

Stephanie Cohen, 60, who lives across the street from the sisters in Studio City, said: “The police were here for 12 to 14 hours on Saturday. We were told they were investigating a double suicide, an attempt, and one of the people died.”

According to the Daily Mail, the sisters’ current residence was set to be demolished and they were having trouble finding a new place to live, largely because of Wendy’s housebound condition. Signs on their current home seen Wednesday indicated the property was slated for imminent razing.

Another neighbor, Ron Ross, 81, told the paper that a close friend of the sisters said the siblings had tried to kill themselves in a suicide pact. Reports today by ABC 7 and TMZ suggest that a charcoal BBQ, rather than a car, was used to generate the carbon monoxide fumes in the closed garage.

Although Jill Blackstone has been headlined in many reports as a “Jerry Springer Producer,” it has been a full 20 years since she worked on the personality’s talk show. Springer told the Daily Mail he had nothing but fond memories of her. When police arrived at the Studio City home on March 14, they also found that one of the sisters’ three dogs had died from the fumes.