Welcome to the World of Video Farms

The freelancers and journalists of the world have had to deal with the new “content farms” created by the likes of AOL and Yahoo!, which produces thousands of stories in hopes that some of them get clicked. Now video producers might need to take notice.

Howcast could very well do with video what Seed.com and Demand Media are doing with text. It has amassed nearly 200,000 videos online. It focuses on instructional videos, so when people search “How to buy a bike” or “How to enjoy Burning Man,” a Howcast video will pop up on the Google search.
ReadWriteWeb spoke with Howcast’s chief product officer Sanjay Raman about the site. He said that Howcast pays video producers $50 to $300 per video produced. That’s not much. But it seems even though the company wants “quality content” most of the contributors are “wanna-be filmmakers, who are looking for a place to prove their skills.”
Ahh, experienced video producers, welcome to the new age of online media and to the wonderful world of video farms.