Welcome to the Fishbowl

Dear Readers,

This week you’ll notice new splashes in the Fishbowl. After weeks of tryouts, we’ve chosen our contributors. You’ve seen some of their work already and in days to come you’ll see much more. They are Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry. Strangely, they are both South Carolina natives. Eddie was raised in Goose Creek, just outside Charleston. He swears that’s his real name and not one he dreamed up to make people fear him. He came to Washington in September 2010 after finishing school at Winthrop University. Before graduation, a well-known journo came to visit. “The Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page told me if I wanted to work in political news media, I should come here,” he told me. “So I did.” Peter, meanwhile, hails from Charleston. He’s been in Washington for seven years (which he claims feels like 50 in real time). He does a few triathlons each year. He collects antique radios and is a recovering comic book nerd. He wakes at 3:15 a.m. each morning.

Peter’s other job is as Executive Producer for the lefty Bill Press Radio Show and Eddie is a Washington writer for the righty New York-based online pub, The Blaze.

FishbowlDC covers right, left and everything in between. Posts will not favor any political leaning and sorry, Bill Press, you’re not out of the hot seat. We hear Amtrak hot dogs are delicious this time of year. Needless to say, Peter will not write about his boss and Eddie will not favor conservative journos.

Please welcome them to the treacherous waters.


FishbowlDC Management