Weisman Says Goodbye (And Gets Ribbed…)

Earlier on FishbowlDC: “Jonathan Weisman Leaving WaPo for Wall Street Journal

Jonathan Weisman has penned his farewell email to his Washington Post colleagues.

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    Well everyone, I know these farewell, all-news e-mails are getting tiresome, but at least in this case, you can flog me on the way out. That’s a little more fun than a pat on the back. I arrived at the Post six and a half years ago, thinking it would be the last place I ever would work. I have loved almost every minute of it — really, I mean that. From my first days in Financial to my last days on the politics staff, I have been surrounded by the most talented, cantankerous, funny and fun people I have ever worked with and can ever hope to work with going forward. You have made me a better reporter and writer. Glenn Kessler critiqued the first story I wrote in his place on the economic policy beat. Steve Pearlstein told me to sharpen my elbows and stop writing too many budget stories. Eric Pianin pushed me to the edge of the limb. Sandy Sugawara pulled me back. I lost count of how many editors are drove from their jobs. Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane put up with so much psychological anguish it’s miraculous it wasn’t contagious. Tim Curran, Bill Hamilton and the political crew let me rant endlessly, then actually tried to put my stories into the paper. And the entire newsroom somehow tolerated my voice. But obviously, there is only so much a colleague can do for a colleague. The Washington Post, I pray, will always be the best newspaper to write for, to explore and to read. I am pulling for you all, and I am sure, through the strength of your collective talent, the paper will thrive. I am leaving with a truly heavy heart (and may be crawling back on bloody knees). But hey, it will be far quieter in the newsroom beginning tomorrow — and in a good way.

This prompted some of his colleagues to gently rib him on the way out, via the internal message board…

Keith Richburg:

    I think you are allowed to say “G’day, Mate,” any time of day or night, and regardless of whether the person you are addressing is really your “mate.”

Others were more friendly…

Dana Priest:

    Damn shame Jonathan. Good luck to you. Dana

Tom Ricks:

    JW, mega-dittoes on DP. If you can’t handle the Aussie accents, let us know.