This Week’s Must-Haves: Livestream’s Mevo Camera Lets You Edit Live Video in Real Time

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a camera built for high-quality livestreaming, Under Armour's new app-connected gadget suite and a notebook that automatically saves your writing to the cloud. Take a look!


Mevo Live Event Camera, $299

By now, we all know that livestreaming is the new big thing. But let's face it: Those shaky videos you're shooting on your GoPro or iPhone aren't blowing anyone's mind. That's where the Mevo camera comes in. The pocket-size device and accompanying app lets you simultaneously stream and edit professional-looking videos for platforms like Livestream and Facebook Live via Wi-Fi or LTE, or record content for later use. The camera itself is pretty impressive, with a 150° glass lens, 4K sensor and built-in stereo microphones, but where Mevo really shines is its iPhone software. With just a few swipes, you can crop the live image to create up to nine different "shots" and then switch between them, giving viewers the impression that they're watching from multiple camera angles—even though the camera itself never actually moves. The app also lets you pan, tilt, zoom, automatically track moving people and objects, and even apply filters.

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UA HealthBox, $400

Unveiled earlier this year at CES, Under Armour's HealthBox system wants to monitor your personal fitness 24/7. The kit includes a wristband with all of the usual fitness-tracking capabilities (steps, sleep quality) plus a few extras (like phone notifications, an alarm and music control), a smart Wi-Fi scale that records your body weight and body fat percentage, and a heart rate chest monitor. All three devices sync automatically with the UA Record smartphone app so you can supervise every aspect of your health, set goals and connect with friends and other fitness-tracking platforms.

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Cove USB Charging Station, $250

Keep your tech organized and ready to go with Griffin's Cove charging station. Available in three wood finishes to suit any décor, the Cove can hold up to five smartphones and tablets on its lined, non-slip shelves. The front cover slides shut to hide any clutter, and a metal bar at the bottom lets it double as a tablet stand.

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Moleskine Smart Writing Set, $199

The pen-and-paper obsessive's notebook of choice just got a high-tech update. Moleskine's new Smart Writing set features a specially designed notebook and smartpen that automatically capture your analog writing and transfers it in real time to your smartphone or tablet. Use the Moleskine app to edit your notes, add audio or sync them with Google Docs or Evernote.

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Coravin Model Two, $350

Don't let precious wine go to waste. Coravin's new Model Two lets you pour a single glass of vino while keeping the rest of the bottle fresh—and the cork intact. The device features a super-thin hollow needle that pierces the cork and lets wine flow out, then pumps argon into the empty space in the bottle to prevent oxidation. The cork automatically self-seals due to pressure, and because your wine never touches oxygen, it will continue to age and mature as if it had never been opened.

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Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs, $24

Everybody knows that loud concerts can wreak havoc on your hearing, but wearing standard foam earplugs means muffled and distorted sound. Vibes High-Fidelity earplugs, however, were designed specifically for live music in mind. They reduce volume while maintaining (and even enhancing) audio clarity, so you'll get to experience your favorite band the right way—just without the post-show ringing in your ears.

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