Class Clown Disrupts Brian Stelter Utah Lecture

There were two separate audiences Thursday for New York Times media critic Brian Stelter’s speech at Weber State University. The first was, of course, the one made up of those gathered in the auditorium. Here’s how Raychel Johnson, editor-in-chief of student newspaper The Signpost, set the scene:

Students and faculty were fighting like wildcats for standing room in the Wildcat Theater to catch a presentation by Stelter. Co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the American Democracy Project, Stelter’s topic was social media’s impact on governments past, present and future.

Then there was the virtual audience trailing the discussion on Twitter via the hashtag #wsuadpstelter. At that end, things didn’t go quite as smoothly and reminded, perhaps appropriately, of how just about every topic – governmental or otherwise – gets splintered on Twitter:

The tagged Twitter feed was projected behind Stelter during the talk, giving “Kio Grease McGuire” full campus exposure for the above and subsequent goofs. Meanwhile, all media critics should be so lucky as to have an audience “fighting like wildcats” to get in.